Yoast Local Fixer Plugin

Create multiple locations wordpress theme single child page the easy way. Integrate address, map and office hour details using this plugin.


New Shortcodes

Get new and fixed shortcodes for Yoast Local’s address, map and open hours shortcodes.

Save Time

Save over 6 hours per website when you use this along with the Custom Post Builder plugin

Yoast Local SEO Plugin

A dependant plugin. It helps manage locations, get location SEO, google maps integration and location listing.

Yoast Local Multiple Locations Shortcode Fixer Plugin

Fix address, map and office hours short-codes on a multiple locations setup.

Offer your clients out-of-box Local SEO.

Save time by using the Custom Post Builder to design singles template.

Impress your clients with a quick turnaround.

Helps to Create Multiple Locations Single Page

What if you have a client who has his/her business spanned across multiple locations, and you need to create individual themed pages for each location. You will need to add google maps, office hours and address details and make it look well designed and on brand. You know for sure that the client will have a business location to add every few months. What will you do?

We have found the following works well.

  • Install the Yoast Local SEO plugin and get local SEO out-of-the-box. Ensure you enable multiple locations. Now manage the locations data like address, office hours and other details in the admin. Easy-peasy, no sweat!
  • Create a local SEO WordPress child theme with a singles template file for the location. Because, as you know, the standard singles template file provided by Yoast local does not support the Divi Builder.
  • You would then use the address, map and opening hour short-codes from Yoast Local. You will refer to Yoast Local documentation about short-code usage. Easy-peasy? At this point you would realise all the locations are the SAME.

Those short-codes for each location don’t work if the ID attribute representing the Post ID is not set. This is a deal breaker, you may as well set the location ID in your child theme or page. This means you cannot use a global field for your layouts and will need to manually edit all your locations. The more locations you have, the more time consuming this will become.

Custom Post Builder Integration For Local SEO Multiple Locations

What if you can create locations page without creating the singles template?

What if you don’t have to worry about passing ID to the shortcode?

Yes you can! Use this plugin along with divi framework’s Custom Post Builder.

The Custom Post Builder internally creates the singles template. It helps you to save time by using divi builder grid, modules and styles. Create professional looking locations page quickly. You could choose not to use the Custom Post Builder and do the same thing, the hard way!

Too good to be true? Have a look at this page. We designed it for our client. We saved over 6 hours in the process. That’s just for one client!

Easy to use Short-codes

Following are the short-codes fixed by this plugin


Address Shortcode

Fix the SEO Address short-code represented by [df_wpseo_address/].

Map Shortcode

Fix the addition of a Map to your Yoast Local Entry represented by [df_wpseo_map/].

Opening Hours Shortcode

Fix the Opening Hours Shortcode  represented by [df_wpseo_opening_hours/].

A lot businesses have multiple locations. The Yoast Local SEO, Custom Post Builder and this plugin combined should be a part of your repertoire.

Oh, by the way, did I forgot to tell you it’s FREE?

Fully supported and documented by the team at Divi Framework.

Please note, to use this plugin a Yoast Local SEO is required and is not part of the installation package, or your Divi Framework Membership.

I only have one location for Yoast Local, Do I need this?

No. This is only useful for multiple location business using the Yoast Local Plugin.

Does this add Modules to the Divi Builder?

No, this plugin does not add any modules. However it adds 3 shortcodes which can be used in the divi builder

Do I need to have this for Yoast Local?

It you intend to use multiple locations in Yoast Local and want to design a location’s page, then you would be better off with this plugin.

How do I enable Divi Builder on the Yoast Local location page?

Yes. Add the code below in your theme’s functions.php or in a custom plugin

function add_yoast_local_locations_post_type_to_divi_builder($post_types) {
$post_types[] = 'wpseo_locations';
return $post_types;
add_filter('et_builder_post_types', 'add_yoast_local_locations_post_type_to_divi_builder');

Does this plugin work with Custom Post Builder Plugin?

Yes, you can use the shortcodes provided by this plugin in the Custom Post Builder plugin to design a singles template page for location.

Which shortcodes does this plugin create?

Following are the shortcodes created by this plugin

Does this plugin have any dependency?

Yes, the plugin depends on the Yoast Local SEO plugin.

Subscription Options

A subscription entitles you to 1 year of updates and support from the date of purchase. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, no worries – we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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