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Testimonials Plugin

Testimonials are a very important part of your website. They add credibility to your brand and showcase your expertise. Our Testimonials Plugin allows you to easily handle the placement of testimonial content on your website.

This plugin provides:

  • A custom post type to manage and categorize your testimonial content.
  • A Divi Module to select the testimonial categories for display and customisation options.

The above combination makes it very easy to manage testimonial content on your WordPress pages. Updates to testimonial content in the custom post type will be reflected on all the WordPress pages it is linked to.


  • Creates a custom post type to manage and categorize all your testimonial content in a single place. No more editing testimonials directly on your WordPress page. More details here.
  • Provides a Divi Module to insert testimonials and update the styles of various testimonial components. More details here.
  • A Theme Customizer to add global defaults for your testimonial styling. More details here.
  • Fully documented and tested.

Stop wasting time on adding, updating and styling testimonials on each WordPress page and use our combination of a custom post type and custom Divi Module.

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What is the major difference between the Multi Column FAQ module and the standard FAQ module?

The standard FAQ module renders the FAQ items as an accordion. The Multi Column FAQ module renders the FAQ items as plain text question/answer format.

Can I use a custom view with the FAQ plugin?

Yes, we need to write a filter which will add a view “slug” as shown the in example below. This code can either be written in a custom plugin or the functions.php file of your theme (or child theme if you are using a third party theme).

For full instructions you can read the knowledge base article here.

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