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360° VR Photography is an exceptional way to showcase any business. With this plugin, you can display Virtual 360° photos – a fully immersive 3D photo experience on your website. It uses the same technology which Google uses on street view and Facebook on their 360° photos.

This is the Ideal tool for a business that needs people to experience an onsite location. We have used it with real-estate, hotels, restaurants and retail outlets who want to showcase their retail or onsite location.

This plugin uses Web VR Photo Viewer from Google. More information here.

It’s a very easy to use Divi Module. Just upload your VR 360° photo and a thumbnail and it just works. More information here.

As with everything for our members, it’s fully supported and documented with an ever-expanding resource and regular updates.

At Divi Framework we have used this module for various customers and have found it to work really well for photos.

If you are using it more than once on a page, make sure you use the thumbnail image tools for the best possible load times.

Other Features

With Stereo Support you can use dual view images. So you have a left and right eye view in the one photo. This makes your images a bit clearer.

With the Default Yaw tool, you can change how your image is shown for the starting position as well as how someone interacts with your VR 360° Photo. Limiting a user to look left and right only can be helpful when you have a panorama shot.

The VR Mode allows a user to engage with a WebVR enabled browser and VR headset to step straight into a 360° photo and feel like they are in the moment.

If you want many images on a page, a preview image is essential. It allows you to load more images with small thumbnails instead of being forced to use a default crop from a WordPress automated tool.

VR Photography and Video is a great way to engage with potential customers. This plugin makes it easy.

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360° Photo Examples

Click on the small square icon in the bottom right to go full screen.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many photospheres can I have on one page?

It really depends, if you are making thumbnails for each image that are smaller in size then you can generally get away with around 8 as a maximum.

The more you have, the more load you have on your site.

Do you have an example site where it is used?

Yes. You can go to the following URL(s):


Does this plugin have any dependencies?

No, there are no other WordPress plugin dependencies.

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