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Extend your social media icons in the header and footer of Divis

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Get Fontawesome Icons in your Header and Footer

This child theme is used to extend the icons in the header and footer of your Child Themes.

It can be used with Fontawesome.io to add in all new social media links as well as other profiles.

You can also manage the details and enablement of these items in the Divi Settings area.

This is a great starter for your Child Themes. Feel free to use it for commercial work as it is using the GPL License.

Has an Admin Panel

When you extend our toolkit you also get the ability to switch icons on and off. You can also edit the URL for the icons in the same place as the default Divi Items.

This is an amazing time saver and is a must for any commercial Child Theme.

Great Video Tutorials

Learn how to not only manage but extend the Icon Theme to include your own additional icons from the Fontawesome.io toolkit.

This can save you a lot of time and allow you to support a specific business niche with your child theme.




Product FAQs

What do I get with the theme?

It includes full membership to Divi Framework so you get ALL our plugins as well as the download to use the theme.

Can I use this as a starter for a commercial child theme?

Yes, It is released under full GPL but make sure to observe the licenses the same way you would do anything else with WordPress.

Can I add extra icons?

Yes, you can add other icons using the video tutorials and written tutorials in the Knowledgebase.

The snippets are also in the Knowledgebase area.

What icons are included by default?

We have included:

1. Linkedin
2. Youtube
3. Instagram
4. Trip Advisor
5. Houzz

This is in addition to the 3 already provided by Divi, Twitter, Facebook, Google+.

Need Support?

You can either contact us or check the Knowledgebase
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