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The Video Grid Module is used to display a list of videos in a grid and is part of the Divi Framework Video Toolkit.

You can choose videos belonging to any category or multiple categories.

Content Options

Allows to set options for content for video grid. Following are the options.

  • Include from only these categories: Select the categories, the videos for which will be included.
  • Sort videos by: Sort video by Video Title, Publish Date or Weight (an advanced custom field)
  • Sort Order: Sorting in ascending or descending order.

Video Content Options
General and Title Options

General Options include

  • Items per row Allows you to display 1 to 4 video items per row.

Video Title Options include

  • Show Title: When set to YES, title is display for the video.
  • Title Option: It has 3 options
    • Show on grid listing only: Shows the title only on the grid listing.
    • Show on video popover only: Shows the title only the video popover.
    • Show on the grid listing and video popover: Shows title on both, the grid listing and the popover.

General and Title Options

Play Button Options

The play button options has color picker options for

  • Play Button Color: Color for the icon of the play button.
  • Play Button Background Color: Color for the play button background.
  • Play Button Background Color Hover: Color for the play button background on hover.
  • Play Overlay Circle Diameter : Diameter of the overlay circle surrounding the play button
  • Play Overlay Circle Diameter On Hover : Diameter of the overlay circle surrounding the play button on hover.
  • Play Button Size: Size of the play button.

Play Button

Custom CSS Options

The custom css option provides ability to add styles for play button and play button on hover.

Custom CSS Options

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