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The WooCommerce Membership Restrict Content Divi Module depends on the plugin used to restrict your site’s content using site-wide membership.

Restricting Content

This plugin has two divi modules
* Woo Restrict Content Open : This divi module, opens the shortcode, post which the content is restricted until the Woo Restrict Content Close divi module is encountered.
* Woo Restrict Content Close: This divi module closes the opened shortcode via Woo Restrict Content Open.

The image below shows how the two modules are used to restrict content.

Restrict Content Page Setup

More information on the shortcodes can be found at

Woo Restrict Content Open Divi Module

One can use this module to open the or the shortcode. Module has field called WC Membership Restriction Shortcode whose options are

  • Restrict Plans: When selected, it restricts contents by plans. Attributes include plans, delay, start after trial
    • Plans: Comma separated list of plan IDs/slug.
    • Delay: Delay access to content by specific dates or human-readable time difference.
    • Start After Trial: When selected, content is shown after trial period is done.

Restrict Content By Plan

  • Non Members: Used to restrict content for non-members. Attribute is plans.
    • Plans: Comma separated list of plan IDs/slug.

Non Member

Woo Restrict Content Close Divi Module

This is used to close the shortcode tag introduced by the Woo Restrict Content Open Divi Module.

Note: Please ensure that the shortcode selected should match the open choosen in the Woo Restrict Content Open module.

Woo Restrict Content Close Module

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