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DF Testimonial Module is a Divi Module which is used to insert testimonials on a page. This module is divided into 2 sections

  1. Content : Options related to the testimonial post type and miscellaneous.
  2. Design : Options related to the user interface settings for the testimonial widget.


Content Options.

Field Description
  1. Number of testimonials displayed: The specifies the maximum number of testimonial items to display in the widget. To display all the testimonials, set the value to -1.
  2. Select by category: To show testimonials belonging to category(ies), toggle the field to “YES” and select the category(ies).


Design – Slider Options


Slider options provide a way to control the UI settings for the slider related items.

Field Description
  1. Animation: Animation effect of each slide.
  2. Arrows: Show/hide slider arrows which are present on the left and right side of the widget.
  3. Show Controls: Show/hide the pagination circle buttons at the bottom of the slider.
  4. Automatic Animation: Enable/disable automatic animation of the slides.
  5. Automatic Animation Speed (in ms): Speed of the slider animation.
  6. Continue Automatic Slider on Hover: Enable/disable hover based slide effect.

Design – Portrait Option

Portrait options provide a way to control the portrait options for the testimonials.

Field Description
  1. Hide Portrait: Toggle switch to show/hide the testimonial portrait.
  2. Default Portrait Image: Showed when ‘Hide Portrait’ is ‘OFF’. Enter/select the default portrait image in case the portrait image in the testimonial is missing.
  3. Image alignment: Showed when ‘Hide Portrait’ is ‘OFF’. Alignment of the image for a testimonial. Options are left, right and center.
  4. Portrait Border Radius: Showed when ‘Hide Portrait’ is ‘OFF’. Border radius of the image


Design – Quote Options

The quote options controls the way the quote icon is styled.

Field Description
  1. Quote Icon: Toggle show/hide quote icon.
  2. Color: Shown when ‘Quote Icon’ is set to ‘ON’. Choose the quote icon color
  3. Background Color: Shown when ‘Quote Icon’ is set to ‘ON’.  Choose the quote icon background color.


Design – Testimonial Text Options

The testimonial text option controls the styling options for the testimonial text.

Field Description
  1. Background color: Backgorund color of testimonial widget.
  2. Text Alignment: text alignment of the testimonial text. Options are left, right and center.
  3. Testimonial Font: Font for the testimonial text.
  4. Testimonial Font Size: Font size for the testimonial text.
  5. Testimonial Text Color: Text color of the testimonial text.
  6. Testimonial Letter Spacing: Letter space of the testimonial text.
  7. Testimonial Line Height: Line height of the testimonial text.

Custom CSS Options

Testimonial Plugin Divi Module provides the minutes control over various testimonial elements. On can add custom css for

  • Testimonial: Testimonial Container.
  • Portrait:before Pseudo :before for portrait.
  • Portrait: Portrait element.
  • Testimonial Description: Description element
  • Testimonial Author: Author element.
  • Testimonial Job Title: Job title element.
  • Pagination Dot: Pagination dot element.
  • Pagination Dot Active: Pagination dot active element.
  • Slider Arrows: Slider arrow elements.
  • Slider Arrows: Slider arrow elements.

Custom CSS Options 1

Custom CSS Options 2

Custom CSS Options 3

Custom CSS Options 4

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