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Testimonials Grid View

In the Grid View, all testimonials are visible at the same time. A grid is a series of vertical and horizontal lines which subdivide the grid area into rows and columns. An excel sheet is a good example of a grid.

To create a testimonial grid, add the Testimonials List Module Divi Module to a column inside the Divi Page Builder and ensure that the Layout dropdown option in the module is Grid.

Options present are:

  • General Options to select the layout (grid in this case), whether to make all the column of equal height, setting the content height and choosing testimonial categories.
  • Grid Options to select the number of columns in a grid row. You can set 2-4 columns.
  • Author Image options include image width, set rounded border, border styles.
  • Ratings Options include ability to show/hide user ratings, set rating star colour.
  • Testimonials Author Text, Testimonials Designation Text, and Testimonials Text options include set font options – like font family, weight, style, alignment, size, letter spacing and shadow.
  • Custom CSS for testimonial item container, author photo, author name, testimonial grid container, testimonial text, testimonial text expander link, ratings container, ratings svg element.

Grid View In Testimonials List Module

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