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How can I remove the Elegant Themes link from my Footer?

Go to the Theme Customiser.

Open the Footer Menu, select the Bottom Bar Menu and enter your new footer text in the Edit Footer Credits text box.

Can I hide the footer on certain pages?

The Default footer cannot be hidden once it is set. Its a global item.

If you want to change the footer based on page types or other criteria you will need a Divi Footer Plugin.

How can I add more social icons to the Divi Footer Bar?

The best way to do this is with a plugin. You will need a Divi Icon Toolkit plugin that adds new social media options to your header and footer.

We have a plugin available for free for our site members.

How can I edit the social footer links?

In the WordPress Dashboard go to the Divi > Theme Options.

Scroll down and you will see the ability to show or hide each social media item along with a text box for adding your link.

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