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Base Styles and Layout Options for your Breadcrumb Header

Here are our base styles that are used for the Breadcrumbs and we cover how to use each area further down in this document.

We have 4 main styles for the Divi Breadcrumb Module:

Left Aligned

This is when all the main content for the product is Left Aligned. See the Screenshot below.

Divi Breadcrumb Left Aligned

Center Aligned

The center aligned version of the breadcrumb has all the content in a center alignment setup.

Right Aligned

This is when we have all of the content over to the right hand side of the breadcrumb.

Title left and Breadcrumb Right

This is when you have your breadcrumb over on the left side of the page and the breadcrumb to the right. The subtitle will also be left aligned with the page title.

The CSS Classes.

The css that makes this all happen is pasted below.

We include a specific style sheet with the module to help you make it work well.

If you are wanting to overwrite anything you can see the class names and targets we have used.

This should be helpful for the coders out there.

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