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Short code for Alphabetically Grouped Locations

Ever since the invention of a directory we have looked for places by alphabetical listings.

This short code adds this feature to Yoast Local.

If you have ever asked how can I list all locations grouped alphabetically, this is the answer.

We also have links to the individual location page, which is another handy SEO feature.

Using Yoast Local SEO

We use Yoast SEO Local a lot in our custom web development.

We wanted to create a short code that will use locations data from the Yoast SEO Local’s and create a directory listing.

We wanted to provide a breadcrumb navigation since locations are alphabetically grouped.

This navigation will help users to navigate to the relevant locations without scrolling too much.

Hence we’ve added a [df_wpseo_alphabetical_locations_list /] short code to the Yoast Local SEO Toolkit plugin.

This short code creates a grid with 4 columns in desktop, 3 columns in tablet and 2 columns in mobile.

Change the padding and list styling of the location items using theme customise settings.

The theme customise panel is “DF Yoast Local Toolkit”.
The customise panel is Single Alphabet Locations List

[df_wpseo_alphabetical_locations_list /] short code doesn’t have any attributes.

Alphabetical Location Listing With Breadcrumb

You can view a demo  of the alphabetically grouped location listing on this website:

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