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Testimonials plugin creates a new post type for testimonial which along with the category is used to manage you testimonials data.

The figure below shows the testimonials form. Goto to WordPress Admin > Testimonials > Add New

Field Description

  1. Post Title : Testimonial title. This is not used on the frontend.
  2. Post Content: Testimonial description
  3. Portrait Image: Image of the testimonial provider. This will show up on the frontend only it the Divi ‘Testimonial Module’ has enabled display for portrait images.
  4. Author: The testimonial provider.
  5. Job Title: Job title of the testimonial provider.
  6. Author OR Company URL: URL of the testimonial provider.


The “Testimonial Categories” is used to group the testimonials. These category groups can be used in the Divi Testimonial module to show only the category subset.

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