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Th Breadcrumb Module supports the ability to use an Advanced Custom Image Field (ACF) as the background. Please note that ACF is a third party plugin which you need to install separately.

Create New ACF Field Group

Create a new ACF “Field Group” and associate it with a Post Type. Next, add an Image field to the field group. In our example the field is “Breadcrumb Background” and the post type is “Page”

Create a field for the Background Image

Upload an Image to the ACF Field

Upload an image to the post type. In our example the post type is Page, so the Breadcrumb Module on that page can pick it up.

Upload an Image to the ACF Field

Set up the Breadcrumb Module to use the ACF Field

To set up the Breadcrumb Module do the following:

  1. Set “Is background image static?” to No
  2. Set “Use Featured Image For Background” to No
  3. Set “ACF Field Name” to the name of the ACF field. In our case its “breadcrumb_background”

Setup the breadcrumb module to use the ACF field

You will see something similar to the picture below on your frontend:

The Finished Breadcrumb

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