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Popover Membership

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Popover Membership Plan

Popover Membership Plan is an annual subscription plan that includes plugins having a popover functionality.

Popover Membership Plan includes access to:

  • Divi Popover Plugin: This plugin triggers popovers using button and image clicks via divi modules. It also has a popover trigger for exit intent. A very useful plugin for your day to day use cases like enrolling users to a newsletter, call to action etc when they are about to exit the page.
  • Video Toolkit Module and Plugin: This plugin provides ability to load youtube, vimeo, facebook and self-hosted html5 player video. Manage and group your videos in the WordPress admin. Included are divi modules which help you display videos as standalone, over a grid, via image and button clicks. A versatile tool.

If you’re not happy in the first 30 days, we will issue a no questions asked refund. Well sometimes we do ask a question – to find out how to better serve you – but we issue a refund anyway.

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If you’re not quite ready to join, we encourage you to check out the Free Membership Plan.

To get access to all our premium plugins and themes, consider joining our Annual Membership Plan




Divi Popover Plugin Access
Video Toolkit Module & Plugin Access

Please Note: You can use our premium themes & plugins for an unlimited period of time. No restrictions!
30-day money-back guarantee. Not satisfied? Your money back, no questions asked.

Membership FAQ’s

Everything you need to know about our membership plans.

Do you sell standalone plugins without buying a membership?

No, we don’t. We only sell the membership plans – Free Membership or Premium Membership. This is to ensure we can deliver a better service to our membership base and optimise customer support.

Does my payment automatically renew?

Yes. It will automatically renew on the card you use at registration for your original purchase. You can manage your payments in the ‘My Account’ area.

Am I limited on activations or number of sites supported?

We have recently updated our activation process, and there are now no limits on the number of activations you can have or the number of sites supported.

Do my plugins stop working if I cancel my account?

No. They will continue to work but the automated updates and API key will no longer work. You will also not have access to the support team here at Divi Framework and M R K Websites.

Do you accept offline payments?

No. You can only pay online with a credit card or with PayPal.

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