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Your account login

Why you visit the Divi Framework Website you need to login.

We are a membership site after all.

To do this go to the My Account page.

You will be presented with a login.

Login to the My Account Area

Once you have logged in your are taken to the default my Account Screen.

You will see something like the below screenshot.

The Member Dashboard

This is the member dashboard.

We have a number of tabs as well as an adjustment to the main menu once you are logged in.

We will first cover the membership tabs.


The orders tab is used to view all your ordering history and payments.

The My Account Orders Tab

I have added a blur to my screenshot for security reasons.

In the order area you can view an order or download a PDF invoice as well as view the totals in this area.


This is where you can see what membership permissions you have.

Your Membership Listing

Different memberships can expire at different times. It is also possible to have multiple memberships on one account.

For example you could have a gravity form membership and a popover membership along with your free membership.

The Free membership can be cancelled but cannot be viewed as it never expires.

A paid membership can be viewed.

The details look like the below screenshot.

Viewing your Membership Details

This allows you to view your discounts, expiration area as well as the option to cancel a membership.


Subscriptions are linked to your membership.

Cancelling a subscription will not cancel and membership, it will let it run its course and then expire.

The subscriptions screen is captured below.

Your Subscription Listing
In this screenshot I have add a blur for security reasons.

You can view the details of each subscription and manage them in this location.

The details of a screenshot is show below:

Your Subscription Details
In this view you can see the order – this can be clicked to view those details.

You can see the dates and renewal of the subscription as well as actions to suspend or cancel a subscription.


This is where all your product downloads can be accessed. This list will change depending on which membership level you have.

My Account Download Management

Any Plugin, theme or other asset is listed here.

Account Details

I didn’t screenshot this as it just contains a form for the management of your personal information.

You can also manage payments in this area for your renewals.


This is an area where you can download dependant items for our plugins.

Download Dependency Items in the My Account Area

You can access the core Divi framework plugin as well as the Divi Theme itself, Advanced Custom Fields, also known as ACF, Gravity Forms is also provided here.

This is really helpful for anyone wanting to try Gravity forms or the ACF toolkit.

My Account Menu

You will also notice that once logged in the My Account menu changes.

It has additional items added to it.

Additional Menu Items for Logged in Members

These menu items are quick links.

The most important item to note is the “Submit Bug Report”

This is where you can go to get support.

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