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The VR View Divi Module allows to embed 360 deg. photos using Google’s WebVR

The options are divided into content and design sections.

Content Options

VR View Content Options

Content options provides ability to upload/select 360 deg. and preview (360 deg.) image.

Design Tab – iFrame Options and VRView Player Options

VR View iFrame Options

iFrame Options

One can set the height and width of the embeded vrview player based iframe page.

VRView Player Options

  • Is Stereo: Indicate if image is stereo or not.
  • Is Debug: Select if the debug option needs to be enabled or not.
  • Is VR Off: When enabled, disables the VR mode button
  • Is Autopan Off: When enabled, disables the autopan option on desktop.
  • Default YAW: Numeric angle in degrees of the initial heading for the 360° content. By default, the camera points at the center of the underlying image.
  • Is Yaw Only: When true, prevents roll and pitch. This is intended for stereo panoramas.

Course VR View Divi Module

VR View Divi Module

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