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The Divi Framework Plugin

Divi Framework plugin is dashboard plugin for your account.

It is used to browse and install diviframework plugins and themes on your WordPress website.

To use it you need an authenticated divi framework account that provides for seamless plugin updates from the divi framework service.

Getting Started

Download the diviframework plugin from your “My Account” area in the Dependancies tab. You can find this by visiting as shown in the screenshot below.

Plugin Installation

Download the Divi Framework Item.

Once downloaded go to your WordPress website.

Upload the plugin and install / activate it the same way you would any standard WordPress plugin.

Authenticating the Divi Framework Plugin

The Divi framework plugin now needs to be authenticated using your credentials.

Goto WordPress Admin > Divi Framework.

Enter your Email Address and Password and click Authenticate.

Login Screen

Once the Authentication is complete (this should take only a few seconds) you will be logged in.

You will see your account dashboard and the list of plugins and themes that are part of your membership.

Post Login

From this dash board you can directly download any of the products that are part of your membership.

Downloading Themes & Plugins

There are 2 ways to downloading your accounts plugin and themes.

Installing & Activating Plugin

Once a plugin or a theme has been download, it can be installed and activate using the standard WordPress installation and activation process.

We currently do not directly install the plugins from this screen. We will update the plugin in the future to allow for this.

Updating Plugins

To ensure your plugins are being updated regularly, please keep your diviframework plugin authenticated. If the Authentication is failing or you are not logged in your will be alerted to login so you can get updates.

The reason to remain logged in is to ensure you get updates and your site stays secure.

Note For Legacy Plugin Update System

Until February 2018, we were using a third party plugin authentication system which unfortunately didn’t turn out that great. We had quite a few complaints about it and hence we decided to create an in-house solution so that we have a great control over it. We apologies for any inconvinience caused but we have kept your and ours best interest in mind when we decided to make the switch.

Unfortunately, as of now, we do not have a seamless solution which switches the plugin using the legacy authentication over to the new one. The current solution is to manually download the plugin and upgrade it on the website.

Having said that we are looking at developing a solution for a seamless switch.

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