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Testimonials are social proof. They helps your customers to better understand your product.

It sometimes creates a 'herd mentality' effect.

Imagine a popular person recommending your product. People following this person would have a positive impact about your product. It may nudge them you buy your product.

Testimonials ease the minds of worried customers and hence helps increase conversions.

Apart from making WordPress plugins and themes, we create custom WordPress websites for corporates and SME mainly via Since the majority of our clients are businesses who are into some kind of trade, we always use our testimonials plugin.

To make the management of testimonials easy, our plugin has a separate area in WordPress admin where you can add, edit, categorize and list your testimonials.

Each testimonial has a name, testimonial text, portrait image, author, job title, author or company URL and a star rating. Adding a testimonial has never been this easy!

Add and update testimonials in the WordPress admin and have them auto-reflected into your frontend without changing the frontend code. How awesome!

How you present testimonials to your potential customers is equally as important. To help, we have incorporated the following types of testimonial views:

  • Testimonials Slider View
  • Testimonials Grid View
  • Testimonials List/Card View

I will elaborate on each view below and explain how to configure it.

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