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Button Triggered Popover Module In Action


The Button Triggered Popover triggers a popover on click of a button. It is based on Divi’s Button module. Hence the you will find field settings like those on the Button module with few expections

Module Fields

Content Tab

This tab handles the content-related fields.

It has the following sections

  • Text : Here you set the button text.
  • Popover: Here you select the popover from the dropbox list.

Design Tab

This tab handles the style-related field for the popover.

It has the following sections:

  • Alignment: Select from the button alignment options here.
  • Popover: Set the content width and padding here.
  • Close Button: Set the button font color and size here.
  • Text: Set text color here.
  • Button: Set custom button styling options.
  • Spacing: Set the button margin and padding values here.
  • Border: Set the button border here.
  • Box Shadow: Set the box shadow here.
  • Filters: Set the color filters here.
  • Animation: Set the button animation here.

Advanced Tab

This tab handles

  • Assigning of css selectors.
  • Custom css
  • Assigning visibility on various widths (responsive).
  • Setting of button attributes.


  • Popover Main CSS Class: This is the css class selector value for the popovers main element.
  • CSS ID: A unique value for the button link. If you have more than on popover on the page, kindly ensure this value is unique.

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