Login to your WordPress admin panel and visit Videos > Add Video. Sample illustration below.

Video Types

Youtube, Vimeo and HTML5 player (self-hosted) videos are supported.

For Youtube and Vimeo, one needs the respective URL’s onto the ‘Video URL’ field.

For HTML5 Video type, one can select a external or local video based on the two image illustrations below.

If ‘Is Local Video’ is unchecked, one needs to enter the MP4 and Webm Video URL.

If ‘Is Local Video’ is checked, one needs to select the MP4 and Webm Video.

Image above is an illustration for external video

Image above is an illustration for local video.


The ‘Weight’ Field is used to order the videos when we use “DF – Video Grid” divi module. Its take a numeric value and the order is ascending, that is, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 is shown first and 10 last.

Adding a category and featured image to a video.

One can add a category to the video by inserting/selecting a category on the right sidebar. This category will be used in ‘DF – Video Grid’ module to show videos belonging to a category.

The featured image will be used as a preview image for the video.

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