Testimonial Plugin provides various style customisations testimonial elements like slider, portrait, portrait icon, rating and testimonial text.

One can visit WordPress Admin > Divi > Theme Customizer > DF Restaurant Testimonials. Following are the sections of the same.

Theme Customizer Sections

General Section

The General Section has options to set

  • Open Link In New Window: When set, default is set to opening the author link in a new window

General Section

Slider Section

The Slider Section has options to set

  • Animation: Set the default animation for the slide animation.
  • Arrows: Select if you want to show the arrow navigation items or not.
  • Show Controls: Select if you want to show the pagination controls or not.
  • Automatic Animation: Set if you want to enable/disable automatic animation.
  • Automatic Animation Speed (in ms): Default animation speed in milliseconds.
  • Continue Automatic slider on hover: Set if you want to continue automatic animation to continue when item is hovered.

Slider Section

Portrait Section

The Portrait Section has options to set

  • Hide Portrait: Show/hide portrait.
  • Image Alignment: Set alignment of the image.
  • Border radius: Set the border radius of the image.

Portrait Section

Quote Icon Section

The Quote Icon Section has options to set

  • Quote Icon: When enabled shows the quote icon.
  • Text Color: Color of the icon and border.
  • Background Color: Background color of the icon.

Quote Icon Section

Rating Section

The Rating Section has options to set

  • Show Ratings: When enabled shows the rating stars.
  • Rating/Star Color: Set the color and border of the rating star.

Rating Section

Testimonial Text

  • Background Color: Sets the background color of the testimonial text.
  • Testimonial Text Orientation: Sets the text alignment.
  • Testimonial Text Font: Sets the default font.
  • Testimonial Text Text Size: Sets the default text size.
  • Testimonial Text Font Style: Sets the default styles.
  • Testimonial Text Color: Sets the default text color.
  • Testimonial Text Letter Spacing: Sets the default letter spacing.
  • Testimonial Text Line Height: Sets the default line height.

Testimonial Text Section

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