Restaurant menu plugin create a custom post type called ‘Menu Item’. Menu item, as the name suggests, is an item on your restaurant menu. This post type depends on the ‘Advanced Custom Fields Pro’ plugin since it adds extra fields.

Standard Fields

  1. Post Title : This will be the title of the menu item.
  2. Post Content: This will be the description of the menu item.
  3. Categories (nested) : One can use upto 2-level nested categories.

Custom Fields.

  1. Has Tag: This boolean field indicates whether the menu item needs to be a tagged and highlighted with a tag text.
  2. Tag: This text field is used to enter the tag text if the ‘Has Tag’ field is enabled.
  3. Multiple Prices? Indicates if the menu item has multiple prices. For example wine can be served by the bottle or glass. There can be upto 3 different types of prices.
  4. Price 1: First (main) price of the item.
  5. Unit 1: Unit (bottle/glass) of the first priced item.
  6. Price 2: Second price of the item. Shows only if ‘Multiple prices’ is checked.
  7. Unit 2: Unit (bottle/glass) of the second priced item.
  8. Price 3: Third price of the item. Shows only if ‘Multiple prices’ is checked.
  9. Unit 3: Unit (bottle/glass) of the third priced item.


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