Theme Customizer is the default way to style a your WordPress website. Divi Popover plugin adds Theme Customizer support for styling popover background and content.

Divi Popover Plugin Theme Customizer

Overlay Section

Popovers have backgrounds to blur the content below the popover. It helps make users focus on the popover content.

Fields are:

  • Opacity: Background opacity of the popover overlay
  • Background Color: Background color of the popover overlay.

Popover Content Section

This section gives options to set the popover content width and padding

Fields are:

  • Content Width: Width of the popover content.
  • Padding Top: Top padding of the popover content.
  • Padding Right: Right padding of the popover content.
  • Padding Bottom: Bottom padding of the popover content.
  • Padding Left: Left padding of the popover content.

Close Button Section

This section styles the close button of the popover.

Fields are:

  • Size: Size of the close button.
  • Color: Font color of the close button.

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