The Divi Breadcrumb Module has various configuration options to help you get the most out of the toolkit.

It is also got simple CSS and class names to help you change it with a child theme if you want to.

Lets go over the basic settings.


To activate the plugin you need to enter your API key and Email Address from your order.

We don’t block functionality from you using the plugin if you do not activate the plugin. The benefit of activating a plugin is it will allow updates to be installed directly from the backend and gives your support for the plugin.

When activating go to Settings and Breadcrumbs Module Activation in the WordPress admin.

Breadcrumb Activation Menu in WordPress Admin

Breadcrumb Activation Menu in WordPress Admin

You will then see the activation page to enter the details.

Breadcrumbs Activation Panel in WordPress Admin

To get the API Key you need to go to your My Account page on the Divi framework Website.

Once you are on the My Account page you will have a header with a series of tabs.

Select the API Keys Menu

Once you are in the API Keys area you will see your purchase.

You can see the API Key and Email address associated with your account.

Enter these into the activation screen and click save changes.

The item will validate and tell you how many activations you have remaining. (We give 25 activations per purchase)

You can manage each activation from the Accounts page as well as from the backend of your WordPress Website.

If you get any issue at all with Activation please email the

Yoast SEO Settings

The Yoast SEO toolkit is required for the Breadcrumb toolkit to work, however the breadcrumbs are not enabled by default.

To turn them on your need to activate and advanced area and then enabled breadcrumbs.

First turn on advanced features, you can follow the tutorial with Yoast to do this –¬†

Once the advanced features are enabled you need to open it in the admin settings.

Click on the large purple switch and enable the breadcrumbs.

A new area is expanded with all the settings.

Save these settings and the breadcrumb tool will now work as expected.

If you get any issue at all with setting up the Yoast Breadcrumbs please email the and once of our team will get back to you right away.

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