Gravity Forms Injector Gravity Forms Styler
Has a Divi Module? Yes, there is a Gravity Forms Injector Module which allows you to inject and style the Gravity Form on a page. No Divi Module is available.
Can inject Gravity Forms using a module? Yes, you can inject Gravity Forms with attributes directly from the module. No
Has global styles for Gravity Forms? No, styles needs to updated via divi module. Yes, there are global settings for this plugin.
Can I override global styles? Not applicable.
Can I import/export global styles? No Yes
Can I add border styles to the form? Yes Yes.
Can I add background colour/gradient to the form? Yes Yes.
Can control finer elements of the text styles? Yes, you can set orientation, font, styles, line space and line height for various text elements. Yes via theme customizer.
Can I style the progress bar element? Yes Yes.
Can I write custom CSS for various form elements? Possible directly in the Divi Module. Have to write custom CSS and manually inject it into the page.

The Gravity Forms Shortcode Injector lets you inject a gravity form as divi module and individually style while the Gravity Forms Styler has theme customizer options which can be used to globally set defaults for gravity forms. Read more in our comparison blog article.

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