In the Restaurant Child Theme we used Adobe Stock in all of our pages.

Go to and search by the image names or numbers.

We have provided a list of the image numbers so you can license these if you want to use them commercially.

They are listed from top to bottom.

Home Page

  • AdobeStock_85722993
  • AdobeStock_36840581
  • AdobeStock_96914454
  • AdobeStock_127782754
  • AdobeStock_83907283
  • AdobeStock_80778012
  • AdobeStock_11604354
  • AdobeStock_39349763
  • AdobeStock_73578608
  • AdobeStock_73598155
  • AdobeStock_104901659

Reservation Page

  • AdobeStock_73598048
  • AdobeStock_103454814
  • AdobeStock_65078044
  • AdobeStock_111953866

Menu Page

  • AdobeStock_89901048

News Page

  • AdobeStock_80417958

FAQ Page

  • AdobeStock_125122476

Contact Page

  • AdobeStock_73578608

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