The DF – ACF Field Divi Module enables to insert ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin using various pre-defined field formatters.

We also provide a way to insert custom field formatter. This enables anyone to pass a non-ACF field as well.

Module Listing

Divi Module Options

This module provides the following options

  • Select field from dropdown: When selected, a conditional dropdown field ACF Field Name with list of probable ACF fields is show. Otherwise, a plain text field of the same name, ACF Field Name shows where one can type the field name.
  • Field Formatter: A field formatter with format the selected ACF field in a custom HTML markup. A user defined field formatter can be using a filter. Details here along with set of pre-defined formatters forms the dropdown options. Following are the pre-defined options
    • raw – The raw field formatter displays the ACF Field value as is.
    • unordered_list – The unordered list displays ACF field value in an OL tag. Used for ACF array values.
    • image_slider – Display image slider.
    • image_grid – Display an image grid.
    • button – Displays a button.
    • image – Displays an image.
  • Additional Shortcode Attributes: Here one can pass additional attributes to the field formatter function. For the pre-defined field formatters following are the attributes
    • raw – none.
    • unordered_list – title="List Title" class_name="css-class-name"
    • image_slider – show_arrows="on" show_pagination="on" auto="on" auto_ignore_hover="off" parallax="off" parallax_method="off" remove_inner_shadow="off" background_position="default" background_size="default" hide_content_on_mobile="off" hide_cta_on_mobile="off" show_image_video_mobile="off" custom_button="off" button_letter_spacing="0" button_use_icon="default" button_icon_placement="right" button_on_hover="on" button_letter_spacing_hover="0" class_name="css-class-name"
    • image_grid – animation="off" use_border_color="off" border_color="#ffffff" show_in_lightbox="on" items_per_row=3 use_size="off" size=" class_name="css-class-name"
    • button – title="List Title" class_name="css-class-name" button_target="" button_label="Label"
    • image – animation="off" use_border_color="off" border_color="#ffffff" show_in_lightbox="off" class_name="" url=""

Dropdown Enabled

Dropdown Disabled

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