How does our FAQ module work?

This is one of our best plugins and has so much power.

We realised that not that many people know how it works or what it does to help simplify your FAQ management.

We release new features every couple of weeks and as it stands we have this currently being run on over 100 WordPress websites.

It would save me a tone of hours every month because it makes FAQ management just so simple.

It currently has 2 modules and a custom post type with custom categories.

To learn more watch the video and take a look at this awesome FAQ plugin in our shop.

Let us know if you have any questions and we are always looking for ideas on how to improve our plugins so reach out to use so we can make our products better and more useful for you.


Add a logo to your WooCommerce checkout page

Every website needs to portray trust when trying to get potential customers to checkout.

This is especially important for your first orders.

All trust symbols, thats certification logos or other elements that can be used to help your checkout page should be considered.

How do you add these items? Well in this tweak we will show you how.

You can get the snippet below that we use in the video and remember to use a child theme.

Overall this is a great effect and something you should absolutely have in your list of snippets and solutions.


Fixing WooCommerce Buttons in Divi

WooCommerce button style issues with Divi Theme

Don’t lose sales because of not so great WooCommerce button styles on your Divi Theme. The default WooCommerce button styles on Divi Theme is average. You can end up with simple issues, like contrasting colour, when you style your button.

The WooCommerce Add To Cart button is the first thing your customer will see on a product page. Being presentable when making a sale is a must. So why be any different when it comes to your WooCommerce button styles?

Styling the button background and font is the least you should do. And it’s not that difficult.

The Fix for WooCommerce Button Styles Issue

We have created a CSS snippet for this fix. Click here to view it on GitHub.

Add the above snippet to your child theme’s stylesheet file.

Also, don’t forget to watch the video above.

Alternatively, you can use our FREE plugin

Introducing WooCommerce Colours For Divi

The WooCommerce Colours For Divi, a FREE plugin from, helps you fix the button styles. You can set button font size, font colour, background, border radius and more.

You can also set styles for alert messages and on sale badge.

By using this plugin, you get more styling options for buttons and additonal styles for alert messages and sales badge. With automatic plugin updates, you will automatically receive new functionality and fixes.

WooCommerce Colours For Divi Plugin Image Overview

WooCommerce Colours For Divi

This plugin is FREE. To download this plugin, you need to register as a FREE Member at This enables you to receive future plugin updates automatically.

Making links that add product to your WooCommerce Cart

If you are like me, you want to make as few steps as possible to get to the checkout page of your website.

The less steps, the higher the conversion.

In this quick Tweak of the Week i show you how to make an add to cart link for any button on your website.

Its a great technique and works flawlessly. In this example I add the link for a Divi Button but this does work in any place on your site including the menu.




Product overview for Web VR Viewer

I created a quick screencast for the product overview for the VR View Module for Divi.

Its a pretty cool little module that allows you to have a visual tool for adding Photo Spheres to your Divi Powered WordPress website.

It makes use of another plugin called WP-VR-View and is a overlay divi module to allow the use of these short codes for photospheres inside your Divi WordPress site.

You can look at all the screenshots and further information over here on the official product page.


Tweak of the Week – How to clear the Local Storage

When you are editing Divi Websites you need to be able to clear local storage whenever you update your divi modules.

This is especially true for any of the updates we do here with our modules at Divi Framework.

Watch the tweak of the week screencast to work out how to clear the local storage and save lots of pain in Divi Module Updates.

What is Local Storage?

Local storage is a way your browser stores information. As a web developer the only way we originally could do this was with a cookie or a static asset. Now that we have HTML5 we have the ability to store data locally in your browser.

This is really useful for web-apps because database style information can be stored in your browser.

How does Divi Theme use the Local Storage?

The Divi Builder is the area of Divi Theme that makes heavy use of the local storage. Local storage is used specifically for storing a list of module types, the version of Divi Builder and the great copy and paste features we all have grown to love.

This love sometimes turns into pain when we get nagged to update the Divi Builder and clear the browser cache. By using this command for clearing the local storage you can ensure you rid yourself of these nags without having to clear your entire browser cache.

In Chrome you open your developer tools. You can do this by using the Chrome Menu at the top-right of your browser window,then select More Tools > Developer Tools. You can also use a shortcut of ctrl + shift + i in windows.

Once you have the developer tools open select the console tab and type into the console your local storage clear command.


This will clear out all those stored values.

How can I see the stored values?

You can select the Application Tab. In hear you have a number of options to view Local Storage, Session Storage, Cache storage and more.

You also have a short cut key in here to clear the storage and check service workers.

These are all essential to Progressive Web Apps and the new breed of HTML Applications.

To learn more about this take a look at the official documentation.

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