New Product Video for Social Locker

We created a new video this week for the Social Locker Divi module to better describe this free product.

Check out the video and see if this could work for you.

We use it on our own site to encourage engagement and shares of our content.

Restaurant Child Theme for Divi Video

We have released a really awesome child theme for Restaurants.

Its called Restaurant Child Theme for Divi, no surprises in that name.

It has some many features that we spent a lot of time thinking about to make this the ultimate child theme for your restaurant.

Additional Social Media Icons

We added in 3 new social media icons on this theme. Instagram, Youtube and Trip Advisor are included with configuration options to ensure you can link to the social media you need for a restaurant.

You can access this inside the same location as other social media icon configuration inside your div theme settings.

On the side menu go to Divi > Theme Options and you will find them in the general tab.

Restaurant Menu Plugin

We integrated a specialist plugin to manage food items as well. It has highlights and categories as well as modules to make the placement and selection of food items really simple.

Open Table Reservation Plugin

We included our free Open Table reservation plugin as well so you can take bookings using this great toolkit.

Testimonials Plugin

The Restaurant child theme also includes a really well designed testimonials plugin. This can have testimonials managed with a range of fields and layput options.

This is a powerful plugin that saves us loads of time.

Footer Injector

We have 2 different footer layouts pre loaded so you can choose either the default large footer or a compact smaller footer option.

6 page layouts and customiser settings

We also included each page layout as a seperate file with a customiser settings upload so you can choose how you want to implement this custom child theme for your restaurant.

Overall it has pretty much all the main things we could think of to make a great website for any restaurant.

Take a look at the Restaurant Child Theme for Divi product page for all the screenshots, videos and a link to the live demo.



Video Toolkit now supports Facebook Video Embed

Do you want to use Facebook to embed your videos on your Divi Powered website?

If so you will have found that our video toolkit for Divi wasn’t working as expected for these videos. So we fixed it.

We had a report that the tool wasn’t working as well as it should so we updated it and release a new patch today to make it happen for you.

More and more often Facebook is the go to destination for anyone online so supporting the embed of these videos was a real problem we needed to solve.

We had a report last week that it needed to happen for some of our users so we made it work this week with a new release.

Hope you guys like it and remember – we are serious about being the best at responding to our customers. We don’t always get it 100% right but we want to make sure you guys have confidence in how our modules and plugins work.

If you have any issues let us know and we will often have an update in 7 days. If its something more complex sometimes it may take longer however in most cases we will let you know and commit to an update schedule.


Free OpenTable module for Divi Video

Today we have released a Free OpenTable module for Divi and WordPress, the Open Table Reservation Divi Module for Divi.

The module integrates with the OpenTable booking widget providing a native module so you can easily manage your settings.

This means you can now take bookings directly on your Divi WordPress website for your OpenTable booking system.

Free OpenTable module video

This quick video overview gives you an introduction to this free plugin.

Default Behaviours for the Open Table Module for Divi

Free OpenTable module - Module Settings

Free OpenTable module – Module Settings

The OpenTable Divi Module allows you to enter your restaurant ID. You need to get the restaurant id directly from your open table account.

The next option is language. We have a number of options provided by default from OpenTable.

Widget type is a way to select a layout option for your OpenTable reservation method. The plugin provides 4 types – Standard, Wide, Tall and Button Only. I personally would recommend the button type as its simple and loads fast.

The Team at Divi Framework added in the alignment options and the ability to load the widget in an iframe. This can be helpful if you have styling conflicts from your website as the styles will have no conflict issues with an iframe.

The advanced tab provides the normal CSS styling options expected for any Divi Module in the backend.

What Else?

Yeah – its never enough so we also added in some basic styling to help you get the most out of the widget and not have problems with the default Divi Stylesheets from causing render issues. It should work in most cases but remember you have the fallback of the iframe if you have any major problems.

Remember this is also the default OpenTable offering which means you can have confidence in its abilities and it working moving forward, we have simply made a great wrapper for Divi to make it easy to use.

Hope you guys enjoy this one and keep an eye out for even more awesome tools for those of you making restaurant websites over the coming weeks.

Video Toolkit videos and sale event

Today we have released a new video on how the Divi Video Toolkit works on your WordPress websites with the Divi Builder.

It is a simple overview that I hope will get people using this great plugin.

We have used it in production on a number of large sites and it is working really well as a Divi Video Gallery tool. We also use it on the Divi Framework website for an example gallery.

Take a look over how it works and let me know if you have any questions.

We also have the Toolkit on sale until the end of the month.

It is more than 50% off at just $17 AUD per license.


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