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Star rating has been added to Testimonials

We had a recent request for star ratings to be added to Divi Testimonials Plugin.

We are pleased to announce that this has been added in version 1.0.6.

To find this new feature you can go to the post type area and select the rating.

It has switches and a colour setting for the stars based on a icon font so you can choose any style colour you would like.

Hope you guys like it, to get the update just make sure you are using your API keys and click update.

Video Toolkit now supports Facebook Video Embed

Do you want to use Facebook to embed your videos on your Divi Powered website?

If so you will have found that our video toolkit for Divi wasn’t working as expected for these videos. So we fixed it.

We had a report that the tool wasn’t working as well as it should so we updated it and release a new patch today to make it happen for you.

More and more often Facebook is the go to destination for anyone online so supporting the embed of these videos was a real problem we needed to solve.

We had a report last week that it needed to happen for some of our users so we made it work this week with a new release.

Hope you guys like it and remember – we are serious about being the best at responding to our customers. We don’t always get it 100% right but we want to make sure you guys have confidence in how our modules and plugins work.

If you have any issues let us know and we will often have an update in 7 days. If its something more complex sometimes it may take longer however in most cases we will let you know and commit to an update schedule.


Auto Play added to Video Toolkit

We recently had a customer request for a new feature. They asked about auto play in our Video Toolkit.

Vimeo and Youtube both have auto play flags in their video embed players.

We thought that was a fantastic idea and very useful so we added it to Video Toolkit. You will see it in the Post Type and Overlay module.

This means when you open the video lightbox it can now auto play the video on load. It is using the default parameters for these players. You can take a look at the screenshot below to see the new Auto Play checkbox.

New Auto Play feature for Divi Video Toolkit

How do I get the Video Toolkit updates?

If you already are using the Divi Framework Video Toolkit just update it in the WordPress updates area. The update will automatically occur.

We also fixed the installation process. You will be asked to instal ACF Pro and we give you a link to it on installation.

Keep an eye out on the E-Learning area and other parts of our website for the latest news.

We replaced our knowledgebase with the course section of the site.

Other update this week?

We have a fair few other updates about to arrive this week including,

  1. our new theme for restaurants
  2. videos and how to guides for the resturant menu plugin
  3. Video and guide for the testimonials plugin
  4. If we get that done as quick as we want we will also start out video tutorial series on Gravity Forms.

Its all go go go here at Divi Framework.

Do you want to see a new feature in any plugin, theme or module?

Let us know and we can work towards an update for that plugin or an all new plugin or feature. We do regular videos and how to’s so don’t be afraid to ask. We may end up doing video series to answer your questions.

Updated Divi Footer Injector Documents

Do you need a more customised footer for Divi?

We have a great plugin for just that, the Divi Footer Injector Plugin. It allows you to use any library item from your Divi Builder and inject it into your footer on every page.

We use it on Divi Framework. This is how we get the blog articles and other pages to have our neat footer on them. It saves heaps of time and makes it really easy to use.

Up until now, the documentation has been lacking, to say the least for this item so we have started to update it. There is now a simple tutorial in the knowledge base as well as some instructions on the product page itself.

We replaced our knowledgebase with the course section of the site.

Take a look at this free resource and if you have any questions please email the team and we will get right back to you. On top of that, we will also update the FAQ and documents on the website to make this plugin as awesome as possible to use for the whole Divi Community.


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