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Headsup: We will release this update on 8th June, 2018 around 4PM Australian Eastern Time (UTC +10)

What was wrong earlier?

The HTML markup of the menu item was not valid. The title, description and price tags of the menu item was in a H5 tag. It’s not semantically correct. Before it starts to cause any real issues, we’d like to fix it.. Also, we canot apply responsive styles to the menu item due to the way to markup is setup.

Its our mistake and we apologize for the inconvience caused. We have laid out a plan to ensure to fix your website.

Below is a representation of the semantically incorrect markup.

How will it affect me?

Here is a representation of the semantically correct markup.

The menu item title is now in a H5 tag. The menu item description and price are no longer in the H5 tag and now are sibling tags to the H5 tag

You may loose any custom css style applied to the description and price tag. Due to change in the markup, the CSS selectors are different now.

What should I do?

Taking the following steps should ensure a quick turnaround.

  • Upgrade to the latest version of the Restaurant Menu Plugin
  • Login in your WordPress Admin and open the page containing your Restaurant Menu Divi Module in edit mode. Save this page without making any changes. Divi Theme caches the template in the browser application cache. This step refreshes that cache.
  • Preview this page to check if its affected.
  • If there is an isssue,
    • In all likelyhood, the menu item description and price element styles isn’t what it used to be.
    • Theme Customizer Setting for menu item description and price is an addition in this version.

    Menu Item Description Theme Customizer Section

    Menu Item Description Section

    Menu Item Price Theme Customizer Section

    Menu Item Price Section

    • Setup the menu item description and price theme customizer settings to match your previous menu styles. This is a workaround which takes the shortest time.
    • Restaurant Menu Divi Module also provides settings for description and price section in the Design tab. One can use that as an alternate option.

Anything else I should know?

This change helps in applying responsive styles to the markup. And we’ve done just that! With this update, the price item shows up below the menu item name which was not the case earlier.

Below is representation of how a menu item looks on a phone.

Restaurant Menu Item On Mobile

A minor css bug fix is also a part of this version.

Changes from this version lays the groundwork for future updates we are planning for the plugin.

We want to be transparent when we make a mistake. It helps us in making the right decisions for you.

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