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Hey Divi community, thought I would drop a quick update in here.

It was a busy end of last year and already a busy start to 2018.

This week we have some awesome stuff in final testing and I can’t wait to release them all.

First up, Restrict Members Tool for Divi.

If you using Divi and WooCommerce Memberships you’re going to love this one. It is so helpful and is part of what we use right here on Divi Framework to make great product pages.

We have an update about to role out for the video editor with new tools around that to help you do even more with your videos. Lots of new triggers and tools to show those videos. This update should be out in a bit over a week.

We have a new mini-course to be released in February on Yoast Local. This will cover making child themes to use Divi in your locations when using multiple locations. It’s really cool and will be our first Learning product. We will follow up on that with some great tips for SEO with Divi and how to get the most out of the Divi builder for your SEO.

Next, we have a publications tool to help you manage PDF downloads. Its great for government organisations and places that need lots of downloadable PDF documents all managed in a post type and displayed with Divi Modules.

We have a few more social media tools as well, twitter feeds, facebook feeds all easily pulled into your pages the same as our Instagram Divi Plugin.

Finally, we are looking at preparing the same knowledgebase we use right here on Divi Framework to be released as a module as well.

So overall this will take our site to over 25 plugins, 4 child themes with more to come.

When will we have this all released? That’s a great question.

The restrict member’s plugin will release on the 15th on January with weekly releases taking us into the end of March with all the various updates we have.

Its exciting time here at Divi Framework and we hope you’re all excited about what is to come.

If you haven’t yet downloaded our free products, what are you waiting for? Give them a whirl and get on the email list.

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