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I had a great time at WordCamp KL. I thought I would fill people in on what I learned about the Gutenberg Editor for WP.
Niels Lange from Automattic was on hand at #WordCampKL to talk about the Gutenberg Editor. He did an excellent job of presenting the new editing tool.
Before this event, I didn’t know that much about the GutenbergĀ Editor. I had read the blog post from Yoast. I also knew it was a sensitive topic at WordCamp Bali but had not really investigated the plugin.
From what I had read, I knew a lot of people feared the Gutenberg Editor. Many in the WP Community think it will replace page builders. I personally can’t see this occurring. I think page builders still provide a solid way to edit pages, The Gutenberg editor will not replace them but enhance the WP experience.

What I learned about the Gutenberg Editor

Overall the Guttenburg Editor will have blocks to edit content. This is a big improvement over what was available before in WordPress.
It will mean shortcodes are easier to use. It’s now easier to extend a visual approach to content editing in WordPress.
After seeing Neils do his presentation I was pleased and excited for the Guttenburg Editor. Our customers will enjoy using it and I think it will be great. It will help all of them to make better content and better posts.

Why the Gutenberg Editor won’t replace a page builder

Generally, the Gutenberg idea of blocks impacts a single post/page only. The tool will not cover the entire page layout. Tools like beaver Builder, Elementor and our favourite editor Divi always deal with a whole page layout. Footers, side columns, drag and drop tools with inner page column support are all part of modern page builders. Gutenberg can’t do this and needs significant development to be able to do this.

It may one day do it but for now, it won’t.

What we are doing at Divi Framework to prepare for the Guttenburg Editor in WordPress 5.0

We are making all our plugins WordPress compatible first and that means we will make blocks for all our plugins be compatible with the Gutenberg Editor for its official release in WordPress 5.
I also want to personally do testing around the rest API to provide feedback to the core developers of this new feature.
Overall I think the Gutenberg Editor will make plugins more valuable and page builders more valuable as well. Having blocks that are easier to use and moving away from a shortcode mentality will make extending and using WordPress and much better experience for everyone, especially the end user.

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