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Do you need a more customised footer for Divi?

We have a great plugin for just that, the Divi Footer Injector Plugin. It allows you to use any library item from your Divi Builder and inject it into your footer on every page.

We use it on Divi Framework. This is how we get the blog articles and other pages to have our neat footer on them. It saves heaps of time and makes it really easy to use.

Up until now, the documentation has been lacking, to say the least for this item so we have started to update it. There is now a simple tutorial in the knowledge base as well as some instructions on the product page itself.

We replaced our knowledgebase with the course section of the site.

Take a look at this free resource and if you have any questions please email the team and we will get right back to you. On top of that, we will also update the FAQ and documents on the website to make this plugin as awesome as possible to use for the whole Divi Community.


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