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At Divi Framework we have a number of updates that are coming in June.

In May the team at Divi Framework made a big effort to get more documentation completed for our plugins. We realise that without good documentation you can’t make use of all the amazing features each plugin or module offers.

We also continue our commitment to test and did further checks on our plugins. This was to ensure we improve the quality of our plugins and make sure we didn’t have any errors or warnings in your PHP logs from our code base.

The main updates came into the Gravity Forms Divi Plugin and Divi Breadcrumb Module which have so far been very popular plugins.

After seeing how well received our documentation for the Divi Breadcrumb module was we have made a decision to work on documentation for Gravity Form Styler and the FAQ module this month. Expect to see a lot more around these fantastic plugins.

We are also releasing a new Divi Video Gallery Module tool, This all new video gallery module will allow you to make video galleries with tiled thumbnails and popovers as well as individual images with a video overlay. It will support HTML5, Youtube and Vimeo. This will be a great way to display videos on your website and will work similar to the homepage on Elegant Themes.

All in All – thanks to every customer for their support and as we continue to grow we look forward to taking our plugins to the next level when the new Divi 3.1 release is made available for developers.

UPDATE: You can now access the video gallery tool here.

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