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How to video – stop cart fragments loading on your home page

We have been talking about page speed a fair bit lately. I have actually become pretty obsessive about it.

This lead me to make a fair few simple script adjustments to improve my homepage load time.

I setup a GTMetrix monitor on the homepage of Divi Framework and found the cart fragments load was slowing down my page at random times.

Overall I thought removing it on the homepage would make sense, so I experimented and found it was an excellent choice to turn it off.

How do you turn of the Cart Fragments? Lets me show you how.

First – Open your functions.php in your child theme.

Second – Past in our code snippet to your functions.php file

Third – save it an enjoy the time savings.

You can extend this to other pages if you want to. For now I only do it on my homepage.

Updated Divi Footer Injector Documents

Do you need a more customised footer for Divi?

We have a great plugin for just that, the Divi Footer Injector Plugin. It allows you to use any library item from your Divi Builder and inject it into your footer on every page.

We use it on Divi Framework. This is how we get the blog articles and other pages to have our neat footer on them. It saves heaps of time and makes it really easy to use.

Up until now, the documentation has been lacking, to say the least for this item so we have started to update it. There is now a simple tutorial in the knowledge base as well as some instructions on the product page itself.

Take a look at this free resource and if you have any questions please email the team and we will get right back to you. On top of that, we will also update the FAQ and documents on the website to make this plugin as awesome as possible to use for the whole Divi Community.


Divi Breadcrumbs on Sale until the end of the month

We have our Divi Breadcrumbs tool on sale until the end of the month.

Its just $10 AUD per year. That is less than a cup of coffee for most of you in the US.

Its got its usual annual subscription setup and comes with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Get breadcrumbs setup on your pages with the excellent Divi Breadcrumbs module.

Check out the Divi Breadcrumb Module here.

Remove Emoji Script from WordPress – How To Video

Did you know that you are loading a bunch of emojis on your WordPress website even if you don’t use them?

If you aren’t using these fun symbols you need to remove the emoji script from WordPress.

When you turn off the emoji script it will make your page load faster with no loss of functionality for 90% of WordPress websites.

The fact is most people never use the emoji features on WordPress.

At Divi Framework we certainly don’t so I decided to remove emoji script and thought I would do a very quick video tutorial on how to make that happen.

Please note that since I created this tutorial I found I no longer need this script. I am using WP Rocket on my site and it has this feature added in by default so I removed the snippet.

First – Copy the snippet from our GIST

Second – Paste the snippet in your functions.php file for your child theme.

If you don’t have a child theme you should really think about creating one. It will help you maintain your WordPress website and means you can update parent themes with a lower risk of losing your updates or custom edits. In this case you can add this to your functions file for your parent theme but when you update your theme you will lose this change and have to re-implement it.

Three – Enjoy a faster webpage and faster load times.

This is a really simple way to make your site load faster and in a world where every millisecond counts its a quick win for any WordPress website.


Third Party App Performance article from Kinsta is a great guide in how to identify issues with page speed caused by external apps.

Facebook is notorious for slow page speeds and anyone who puts an alert on their page load times will know 90% of your issues are from external scripts.

Check out this great guide and think about using Kinsta for your WordPress hosting.

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