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I often came across this little problem – I want my menu bar to be the same colour as my high light colour in Divi.

This problem will arise when you set your Menu Bar to be the same colour as the Highlight for links in Divi. If you want a dark header and a dark link color you will find it occurs.

Simple Way to Adjust the Divi Theme Menu Color

Using a CSS Snippet is the easiest way to adjust the color and get your desired result.

You can add this snippet to your Divi Theme.

In WordPress go to your Divi -> Theme Options Menu Item.

After selecting the menu you are on the options page for Divi Theme so scroll down to the “Custom CSS” area. Its the last box on the page.

Copy the Below snippet or get it directly from GIST.

Paste this snippet into your Custom CSS area. Make sure to change the color to the color you want.

This will need to be a HEX value, which is used in CSS so if you don’t know what that is, you should probably Google It.

If you need a more in depth review – please watch the screen cast video.

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